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Networking Cameo

Networking Cameo

In the world of entertainment, a cameo is described as a brief role or appearance of a famous person in the work of performing arts. It is usually played by a small character part which stands out from the other minor parts. The cameo appearance can easily boost the ratings, credibility and viewing of the program. In the same regards, you can build your image and persona to make these types of appearances for gaining additional exposure in networking. Visiting a meeting, conference, lecture, etc. can allow you to meet and connect with several people while promoting your personal or business brand. You can even do a cameo appearance without necessarily physically being at said event or function.

Listed below are practical and efficient ways that you can maximize this networking opportunity.

Seen But Not Heard

A great form of a cameo appearance is having a presence at an event but not actually attending. This can be in the form of a video or digital presence, notable donation, sponsorship or silent auction. Agree to offer money, products or services towards an event in exchange for marketing your business, company or initiative. Your presence can be viewed in brochures, websites, tickets and other marketing material for distribution. Make sure to select events which provide the best ROI (Return On Investment), align with your goals and get you in front of your target audience(s).

Open and Close

Reach out to well established groups and organizations and inquire about speaking opportunities. You may not have to deliver a keynote but you can introduce a speaker, welcome the group, sponsor a meeting or offer a brief presentation. Another option is to close out an event. Thank attendees, offer additional support or sponsor the event with the option of addressing the audience at the end of the event. These are excellent ways to increase lead generation and build a strong following.

Quick Hello

Another good idea is to send out videos, texts, emails or correspondences periodically touching base. Send a note of appreciation, a reminder or confirmation to link with your potential or existing customers, colleagues, etc. This quick but powerful form of communication can keep you top of mind with others. Having a short, concise message with a call to action are effective tips for fostering good connections.

Use these helpful tips to build your brand, awareness and trust within your networks. Make use of these chances to connect with your target audience and emphasize your product, service and value offerings. Being intentional and continue to foster quality relationships.

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