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PoDBN Feature Update for Members – July 2021

PoDBN Feature Update for Members – July 2021

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July 2021 brings the release of our latest online features for PoD AU-NZ Business Network Members.

This month we see a change in the Member Managed Profile area by adding a Privacy, Video and Files Tab.

The Privacy Tab now separates out Member Privacy options that were previously organised under the Profile Tab. Members continue to have fully control over what is displayed publicly on their online profile.

Following on from last months beta release of YouTube and Vimeo integration into Member profiles, this has now been fully rolled out to all Members. This month we have released a “Files Upload” feature which allows Members to upload up to 3 files (max 5mb each) to their Membership Profiles. File Uploads are displayed on both the Members AND Company public profile Tabs. See below how easy it is to take advantage of these features:


Embedding Videos into your PoDBN Profile is a simple 1,2,3 step process.

Click +ADD VIDEO, select YouTube or Vimeo from the drop-down, paste the videos URL and then click ADD.
Ensure that you click SAVE & CONTINUE at the bottom of the page. (Note: You can add, delete and update Video links at any time).

The Video will be immediately displayed on your live PoDBN Member Profile under the IMAGE & VIDEO GALLERY section and viewers of your Public profile will be able to play the video directly.


Members can now UPLOAD and MANAGE up to 3 (three) “files” that can be displayed and downloaded from your online Public PoD Profile.  

File Types: Image files (JPG, PNG, TIFF etc), PDFs, Zipped files and Documents (DOC, DOCX etc). Each file can have a maximum size of up to 5 MB.  PDF’s are the recommended format. Examples of “Files” could be:

  • Products / Services Catalogues or Brochures
  • Event Promotion / Company Profiles
  • Financial Disclosure Statements

To upload a file Click BROWSE, then select a file from your computer. Repeat for File #2 & File #3 if required.
IMPORTANT: Click Save & Continue to upload your files. When the upload(s) are complete and the files have been attached to your Profile, the Tab will change to the Printables Tab. The files will be immediately displayed on your live PoDBN Member Profile via your MEMBER and COMPANY Tabs. 

Members are responsible for uploaded content – local scanning is not performed when a file is upload.

*NOTE: File#1 MUST be uploaded for any Files to appear on your live PoDBN Member Profile.

Once a file has been uploaded you can Open / Download, Replace or Delete the file by clicking on file and selecting the required option.

IMPORTANT: Click Save & Continue to save your changes.

*NOTE: Any inappropriate content / files will be removed by PoDBN Admin.

The files will be immediately displayed on your live PoDBN Member Profile via your MEMBER and COMPANY Tabs. 


The PoD AU-NZ Business Network (formally known as BoB Clubs Australia and BoB Clubs NZ) provides membership and professional breakfast, brunch and lunch business networking meetings known as ‘Business PoDs’ throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our focus is on building a Trans-Tasman quality business network with a major emphasis on forming genuine relationships in a pressure free, friendly business networking environment.

Our thriving professional business community is made up of inspiring individuals keen to connect and they continue to be our major motivator as we build, innovate and grow.

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